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Full conference programme

Full conference programme is available for download via this link: https://sccm2023.fkkt.uni-lj.si/wp-content/uploads/program_koncni.pdf

Plenary Lecturers

Dominik Cinčić, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

“Crystal engineering of organic and metal-organic multicomponent halogen-bonded solids”

Kristina Djinović Carugo, European Molecular Biology Laboratory – EMBL, Grenoble, France

“Order from Disorder: Towards molecular architecture of the muscle Z-disk assembly« 

Anton Kokalj, Jožef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia

»DFT modeling of materials and crystal structures using periodic-boundary conditions«

Simon Parsons, School of Chemistry, The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK

“High pressure phase transitions in molecular crystals”

Schedule for SCCM2023

  • Best presentation awards

    The organizing committee of the SCCM2023 has decided to organize a competition for ‘Best presentation award’ offering rich and attractive prizes in three categories (BSc/MSc, PhD and postdoc). Junior participants from all fields of science are kindly invited to apply at the registration desk. Moreover, a special prize for best presentation in the fields of chemical crystallography and/or advances in small-molecule crystallographic information sponsored by CCDC will be given.

    How will the competition work?

    Each competing presenter will be evaluated by a minimum of 2 and maximum of 3 evaluators chose among the expert participants of the conference. The competitors will be judged on the following criteria: Content, Organization, and Style and delivery. The prizes will be awarded at the end of the Saturday afternoon section.

    Conference trip – Friday afternoon

    At 1:00 p.m., the bus will take the participants to the Coal mining museum in Velenje. A visit to the coal mining museum includes a walk through the mine shafts, so we recommend appropriate clothing and comfortable shoes. One of the organizers will take those who might not want to visit the mine on a walk to the lake or to the centre of Velenje.

    After that, the conference excursion will continue with the visit of Pr’ Krajn’k farm with a distillery and a beer brewery. After tasting their home-made products we will return to the hotel at around 7:00 p.m. The conference trip, including refreshments, is free for conference participants. Participation is at your own risk


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